Moving Tips

Make a list

 Write down a list of all large items that will need to be moved, this helps us determine how long the loading and unloading process will take as well as determine the size of truck to use for your move and the number of men that would most efficiently complete your move.

Have plenty of supplies

If you are packing your own boxes make sure you have enough tape and packing supplies. Packing is a very important part of the moving process! When done correctly, your items will be protected as well as the total loading and unloading time cut down significantly. Make sure all boxes are sealed properly and labeled with the room they go to. At Goody Moving we will gladly pack up all your belongings into boxes and label them for you! Simply ask when you call or email us for a quote!

Utilize wardrobe boxes

 Wardrobe boxes can make packing hanging clothing items fast and easy. The proper use of wardrobe boxes is essential in a move. ​However they are expensive, so plan accordingly 


Strategize wardrobe box use

  Only use wardrobe boxes when needed, as they take up quite a bit of space in the moving truck. This may mean to only use a few for dress clothing, suits, items that you do not want otherwise wrinkled.

Use TV boxes

Protect your investment! Use of TV boxes is key to properly transporting a TV. The moving truck will be full of all your household belongings, and without a doubt the TV being one of the more costly items. Plan accordingly with us for proper protection and transportation for your valuable electronics.